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Our world class software and services are designed to make marketers' lives easier.  That's why our partners like to promote.

GrooveDigital™ pays weekly! We have the highest EPC's and conversions in the industry. Period. 

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Our program is FREE to join and you get GrooveSell® and GroovePages® Free just for Joining.

Here at Groove, we like doing things our own way. Often never done before. But always with your success in mind.

That's why we have the highest EPC's and conversions in the industry.

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Earn up to 40% recurring.

PLUS we offer Groove Affiliate Assist.

What is Groove Affiliate Assist?

With the Groove Affiliate Assist, everyone wins. If you get someone to sign up for a free account, that’s connected to you forever. 

Now, what about if they upgrade? 

If you promote the upgrade, you get the full commission. If we (Groove) promote the upgrade, you get the full commission.

But, if another affiliate creates content or a bonus that secures the upgrade, they deserve something too. That’s why this program is so awesome….

You still get half commission for bringing the lead in and the person that sends it over the top with the upgrade receives the other half.

So what that means is that if you are a free member and you normally get 20% commission, if another affiliate closes with the sale, you get 10% of the commission. (On $1397 sale that means you will get $137 just for bringing in a lead.)

And if you are a lifetime member and you normally get 40% of the sale, if another affiliate closes the sale, you still get a 20% commission (which means that you will get $279 just for bringing in the lead if another affiliate closes the sale.)

With Groove Affiliate Assist - nobody loses.

It’s a win-win. Every time.

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What Our Happy Affiliates Are Saying

A lot of people are already taking advantage of this opportunity

Tim Verdouw

“I wanted to record this video, just to let you know that this is the offer that you want to promote at this moment. Last few months I have promoted GrooveFunnels™ like crazy and I can tell you it paid off like crazy.”

image showing the affiliate earnings of Angie Norris

Angie Norris

“Thank You GrooveDigital™ - I can’t believe I have made over $10k in affiliate tier-1 expected commissions in less than a week! I’m excited to have the payouts coming my way!!!”

photograph of our affiliate Jeremy Gislason

Jeremy Gislason

"Commissions from Mike are Like the Gift that keeps on Giving! We love promoting GrooveDigital™ for many reasons. First off and most importantly, Mike is one of the most stand up guys that we know of. (And we know ALOT of people in the industry!) He's a pleasure to work with.

So we know every customer we send him are well taken care of by him and his team. Plus the platform under GrooveDigital™ just keeps getting better and better. This means thousands of happy customers who are glad and thank us for recommending Groove products.”

photograph of our affiliate Martin Boeddeker

Martin Boeddeker

“Before joining the GrooveFunnels™ affiliate program I was heavily struggling selling my own software and building a profitable online business. Just after promoting GrooveFunnels™ for 6 weeks I made more than $10,000 in affiliate commissions.

The pages I’ve build with GroovePages™ load so much faster than anything else I’ve used in the past and getting 40% commissions and 10% Tier 2 commissions automatically is something you will not find in any other affiliate program these days anymore. If you are still on the fence, I highly recommend them!”

photograph of our affiliate Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy

“Whilst promoting the product is one thing, and of course I like making money, Mike’s team is a cut above everyone I have worked with in this industry, Mikes has helped me personally to explode my own business and his team have gone over and above at every turn to help me. I was even the first ever guest trainer with “GrooveDigital™ Presents” (Free training provided at no extra cost to the community every Friday)

There really is no question of if you ‘should’ promote GrooveFunnels™, it’s really a case of ‘when’. If you do it now then you can really make a difference (and a lot of money) or you can choose later when it’s way more of a red ocean.”

Disclaimer: Earnings and income are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary.

High Converting Offers

We are professionals at creating quality products that convert like crazy for our partners.



"We have literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting products under the Groove brand. High conversions, low refunds, quality payouts. Great support and communications."

photograph of our affiliate Jeremy Gislason

Jeremy Gislason

GrooveFunnels™ Affiliate Program


Intuitive & easy to use page + funnel builder.


Marketing Automation based on behavior.


Advanced, marketing-oriented video player.


Digital e-commerce was never this easy!


Create membership sites in minutes.

Next level e-commerce, drop-shipping and more


Needs the real professionals

GroovePay™ Affiliate Program

Merchant accounts and CBD processing

What customers are saying...

"I got GroovePages™ to replace the multitude of services that I used separately so far. So far it worked perfectly and I am easily saving myself $500-750 a month shutting other old services down."

Frank Jr.

Partner Relations

Meet your partner relations manager.

photograph of Groove Digital's VP of Business Development Joe Jablonski
Joe Jablonski — VP Of Business Development

Joe is the most well known and respected person in the industry when it comes to one-on-one Business Development and Partner relations. Joe has been teamed up with Mike Filsaime for over 15 years.

Contact Joe at:

EMAIL: [email protected]

SKYPE: jmjablonski

Meet the founders

Our world-class software and services are designed to make a marketer’s life easier

Mike Filsaime


Entrepreneur Digital Marketer, Author, Speaker, Software Developer, Online Marketing Educator, and Marketing Consultant.

John Cornetta


John's eCommerce stores do 6-figures per month. John is an e-commerce and traffic generation expert.

Matt Serralta


Matt has more than 10 years of senior and executive-level management experience in executive operations, sales, P&L, and the field of e-commerce.

Meet the co-founders

Donna Fox


Donna brings 18 years of experience building world class marketing teams that create a culture of customer service while expanding brand awareness and revenue.

Joe Jablonski

VP Business Development

Joe has over a decade of experience in building Business & Affiliate Relationships around the world. He also has a background with Online and Affiliate Marketing.

Anuroop Pillalamarri


Anuroop has over 8 years of experience building plugins, marketing software and SAAS applications.

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